• Brand SHIFENG
  • Sterilization Methods EO GAS
  • Products Registration Certificate 20202140016

Product Introduction

This product is composed of hooded coat and pants. It is a connecting structure. Products are divided into aseptic supply and non-aseptic supply of two forms of factory. Sterile supply of products by ethylene oxide sterilization, sterile.


Light and breathable, anti-pull and anti-pull. Dust proof and liquid splash. Easy to wear and take off, compact protection.

Scope of application

This product is used to block and protect the blood, body fluids and secretions of patients with potential infection that clinical medical personnel come into contact with at work.

  • Specification and model
    Packing information
  • W160、W165、W170、W175、W180、W185、F160、F165、F170、F175、F180、F185 etc.
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