Surgical cap

  • Brand SHIFENG
  • Sterilization Methods EO GAS
  • Products Registration Certificate 20172640235

Product introduction

Medical caps are made of sanitary nonwovens and elastic bands. According to the different shapes after forming, they can be divided into square caps (type 1), spring caps (type 2), round caps (type 3) and skirt caps (type 4), among which the skirt caps contain hair bands. According to the applicable place of the product, it can be divided into operating room hat and common place hat, in which the operating room hat is also suitable for common place.

Safety and security

Reduce the risk of hair loss for health care workers during operations.

Easy to use

Open the small package, take out the cap and put it on.

  • Specification and model
    Packing information
  • MZ-1, MZ-2,MZ-3, MZ-4, MZ-1P, etc.
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