Infusion set

  • Brand SHIFENG
  • Sterilization Methods EO GAS
  • Products Registration Certificate CXZZ20182140146

Infusion set

It is composed of the protective cap of spike、spike、air filter、drip chamber、PVC tube、flow regulator、fluid filter、scalp vein set or hypodermic needle、luer lock connector etc. And it’s made of polypropylene special material used for medical infusion, blood transfusion, injection syringe, and PVC plastic for blood transfusion or infusion , ABS material and PE material by injection molding. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is packaged in blister.Sterilization and packaging are all done by Chengdu Xinjin Shifeng Medical Apparatus &Instrument Co., Ltd.


1.Prepare IV container. 2.Remove set from pouch and close flow regulator and clamp. 3. Remove protective cap from closure-piercing device and insert closure-piercing device into IV container. 4.Hang IV container then fill drip chamber by squeezing until approximately half full. 5.Remove protecive cap from male conical fitting. 6.Open flow regulator and clamp,prime the set,and purge air from tubing. 7.Attach male conical fitting to IV catheter or appropriate device as needed. 8.Adjust fluid flow with flow regulator. 9.Check the proper flow rate at regular intervals.


1. When the individual package is damaged or the protective cover falls off, it is strictly forbidden to use. 2.Single use only and destroy it after use. 3. This product is valid for five years from the date of sterilization. The date of production and expiration are shown in the package.

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