• Brand SHIFENG
  • Sterilization Methods EO GAS
  • Products Registration Certificate CXZZ20202140200

Product Introduction

The medical protective mask consists of a mask body (including nose clip) and a mask belt, which can be fitted with a sealing strip. The outer layer of the mask is made of sanitary thin nonwoven fabric in accordance with FZ/T 64005, the filter layer is made of melt-blown nonwoven fabric, and the molding layer is made of needled cotton. Products are divided into aseptic type (FHZ-2) and non-aseptic type (FHZ-1), aseptic supply of products by ethylene oxide sterilization, aseptic.

Single Use Only

The product is disposable and destroyed after use.


Do not use if the package is damaged.

  • Specification and model
    Packing information
  • FHZ-1, FHZ-2
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