• Brand SHIFENG
  • Sterilization Methods EO GAS
  • Products Registration Certificate CXZZ20152140045

Product introduction

Face Mask consists of mask body, mask belt, nose bridge strip and sponge strip.It can be rectangle type (1), folding type (2) or arch type (3). The mask body is made of melt-blown fabric, non-woven fabric and acupuncture cotton. The nose bridge is made of plastic materials that can be bent. The mask belt is made of elastic rubber band or rope belt. Sponge strip is made of sponge.The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and sterile.

High safety

Our products meet the EN 14683 Type IIR standard, and the bacterial filtration efficiency is more than 98%.

Good tightness

The mask fits the face to ensure a good fit and improve the wearing comfort; Block dust and microorganisms, long time wear without tension, no allergic reaction

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