Stage 1: Creati

1991 Xinjin medical device factory founded. 1998 Successfully innovated in 1998, changed the name to Chengdu Xinjin Shifeng Medical apparatus and instrument Co., Ltd. Comprehensively implementing GB / T 19002-YY0028 quality management standard.

Stage 2: Indepe

2001 It is the first company to get the bag-type infusion set registered in China. The first medical device company in western China to pass CMD quality system. Won the tender of west china hos. 2002 Started to bulid the clean room of 5400 SQM2 . The first medical device company in west China to get CE certification.The member of macromolecule branch of China association for medical devices. In 2003 Build a new million-level purification workshop of 5000 square meters; Chengdu Office officially put into operation; Vigorously invest in informationization construction. In 2004 We have obtained the right of import and export, established the international business department, and successfully explored the international market. In 2005 Germany imported needle sharpness tester to install, quality detection level reached the international first-class; In 2007 Become the Vice -President Enterprise of the Macromolecule Medical Products Sub-association of the China Association for Medical Device Industry; In 2010 The construction of medical equipment warehousing, logistics and distribution center covering an area of 133,333 square meters will be launched to build a large-scale and modern medical consumables pr

Stage 3: The in

In 2011 Passed the WHO "PQS" certification, become a WHO supplier. In 2012 Passed the FDA certification; The main products have won the title of Sichuan famous brand products and the title of national well-known trademarks; The warehouse logistics distribution center has bee In 2005 Awarded the National High-tech Enterprise; Became "2015 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise". In 2016 Established overseas production base

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